Marie’s very important work brings messages she receives into clear focus and is integrally supportive to my spiritual understanding and growth.  The work she does deeply resonates, and I am able to apply the information in my everyday life.  Her caring spirit and unique skills have helped me feel more whole, more myself.  I am forever grateful to her. 


Jenifer Gaudrin

September 2020

Today I was able to experience an amazing gift by Marie Davis.  It was an experience that was truly one of a kind. I can’t quite categorize it as reiki, chakra balancing or attunement; but I can say that it was all of those things and more.  Not knowing this woman for than a few hours I couldn’t believe how comfortable she was able to make me feel before anything even started.

Traditional reiki is what I expected and a chance to meditate. Boy was I wrong.

It was definitely studied teachings of reiki but she was able to verbally walk through what she was receiving from my body without laying a hand on it.  The amount of love coming into the healing was overpowering which speaks to how true her intentions are.  The channeling she brought through was so clear completely spot on and all the information was 100% relevant.  The Energy surges I experienced today can only come from someone with pure intention to heal and a gift beyond words.  Thank you again.  You have impacted me in such a positive way you can’t imagine how much better I feel.

Jason Newman

July 2015


I attended the RaSani Holistic Fair in Albany and went almost immediately to Marie’s booth. She was offering a “sample” reading for a very nominal fee.  I laid down on her table and my life has improved quite measurably.  I lost my wife to pneumonia last spring and am raising our two children and a grandchild by myself now.  I’m a 47 year old man who has worked blue collar my whole like.  I have, am and will face some incredible challenges.  The time Marie spent on me (she really did go above and beyond a “sample reading”) helped me release pain connected to sorrow, helped me release sorrow connected to guilt and start a healing towards self-forgiveness so I can release guilt.  That night, for the first time in months, I did not sit in the dark corners of my bathroom and wallow in sorrow.  I started going through the familiar motions then realized the “need” to release the grief I’d gathered threw the day was not there.  I’ve started cleaning my home up again and generally feel better about facing the day each morning.  I opened myself up to receive her healing and she healed me… the change was profound, beautiful and done with LOVE…though she had just met me.

Allen Keith Majors

November 2015