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Power animal retrieval

From a shamanic perspective one of the primary causes of illness is loss of power.  Power is the ability to define yourself or having the energy to create.  A power animal is one of the first spiritual relationships a shamanic practitioner will bring back to you, restoring lost power.

Extractions & Soul Retrievals

Shamanic extraction is removing displaced energy from your body sometimes called intrusions.  Where does this energy come from?  Emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt, and grief, which are energy, can be stored throughout the body and eventually lead to illness.  Other types of misplaced energy can be energy left behind by an injury or a traumatic event that you experienced or witnessed.  From the shamanic perspective, no energy is truly bad this energy it just doesn’t need to stay in your body. 


Soul Retrieval - A part of a soul can leave for many reasons some of them are: an abusive situation, a traumatic event, childhood trauma, loss of a loved one.  This a normal and healthy and is a form of protection.  A soul part can also be given away, for example, a mother may give her child a piece of her soul help her child or a couple in love may give each other a piece of their souls to feel connected.  A Shaman can return a soul part that might not realize it is safe to return, doesn’t know how to return, or is needed to bring power back to the person.  It is important to know that a soul part given to someone is not usable to that person.  It is not their energy and it doesn’t help them.  In fact, it can cause power loss for them as they are storing unusable energy.  Some symptoms of soul loss are depression, feeling incomplete, inability to move forward, lost memories, feeling like you are not in control of your life, feeling like a part of you died, or feeling like someone took a piece of your soul or your heart.  Benefits of a soul retrieval are a greater ability to make life decisions, a sense of being more present in your life, the ability to move past a difficult issue, the beginning of a new growth or healing process, the ability to deal with grief, and a sense of empowerment.

Cord Cutting

Etheric cords (sometimes referred to as ethereal cords, energy cords, and ribbons) are energy structures that connect to your energy bodies (aura, chakras, etc.). They extend out of you and connect with other people, places, animals and even objects.  Read more about etheric cords on my information page titled Shamanism, Reiki etc.  

House & Land Clearing

Experiencing odd things in your home that you have no explanation for or your home or a piece of your land does not feel safe or just feels off, negative energies can remain in a space, home or piece of land.  Their presence can be related to the inability to crossover due to trauma, suffering, abuse, and neglect, soul loss.  They are often called discarnate spirits.  They remain in-between worlds lost and suffering or with a mission.  They can cause interference and sometimes upheaval to bring attention to themselves or to protect what they perceive as their space.  A shaman communicates with these spirits and compassionately assists them in crossing over, effectively removing the home and land of energy that does not belong there returning a sense of peace and harmony.

Death & Dying

From a shamanic perspective dying is not the end but simply a transition from this world into the next.  A shaman can assist someone who is in transition by helping them remove their fear of death and assisting them in talking with their loved ones who have already crossed.  In addition, if someone dies as the result of an unexpected or tragic occurrence they may be confused or not realize they are dead and they can linger in between worlds.  In this instance the shaman would assist that soul in crossing over by helping them realize what happened and that it is safe to go home.  A person also might be stuck in between if they are holding soul parts that do not belong to them or harboring anger, resentment, grief.  A shaman assists the soul in releasing this which allows them to crossover.

Shamanic Reiki work with animals
Animal Communication

Working with animals  in a shamanic way and with Reiki is important and healing for the animals and their humans.  Animals also experience soul loss and power loss just like people.  They take on energies and issues from their owners and  the people they love.  It is important to help them as we help ourselves.   This type of work is best done remotely to allow the animal to relax and feel comfortable in a familiar setting. 

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Mediumship & Psychic Readings

Connect with loved ones or have a psychic reading to assit with issues happening in your life. 

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